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Sedona Elements CBD oil brings the majesty of the red rocks and the healing properties of CBD oil from the mystical energy vortexes of Arizona. While this is only a concept, our full-service creative team takes pride in the magical brand narrative that Sedona Elements embodies.

The dreamscape of a night spent wandering the desert, meshed with the modern wellness properties of CBD oil, makes for a perfect storm of relaxation.

This concept is an excellent example of how brand development strategy takes root in a simple idea or origins story and then branches out to create a comprehensive brand identity.

As your full-service creative team, we always consider every facet of your brand development strategy and determine how many ways we can return to a brand narrative centered around a comprehensive brand identity. 

If you’re looking for a CBD oil with eco friendly packaging that captures the spirit of the southwest, look no further than Sedona Elements.

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With any concept, there is always a blank canvas from which to start. For Sedona Elements, we had to start from scratch regarding the brand name, brand identity, and eco friendly packaging design. There had to be confident choices made by our graphic design firm’s professional designers and an overall story to instill trust in the Sedona Elements community we were trying to build.

As an experiential brand marketing agency, we knew that if there were a comprehensive brand identity to build a foundation for the concept, the graphic design, eco friendly packaging design, and content strategy would stay on track for a future successful launch.

With this story, the eco friendly packaging design, visual design, and content creation will maintain cohesion down the road. Our full-service creative team should put in the work beforehand instead of blindly constructing these assets without knowing the underlying brand development strategy tone

To ensure the strength of our brand narrative, we decided to base the concept around a place with unique healing properties that is recognizable to the general public – Sedona, Arizona. We ran with the long-held belief that energy vortexes throughout the Sedona plains have healing properties and uniquely connect one to the Earth.

From there, our experiential brand marketing agency wove together the mood of Sedona and the modern wellness properties of CBD oil to construct a brand narrative centered around a comprehensive brand identity.

The eco friendly packaging design and graphic design must be on point to give this concept the best chance for success. Inspiration quickly followed as the idea became everything our full-service creative team had hoped for and more. 

We agreed upon a clean and minimalistic design for the eco friendly packaging to let the product speak for itself. Our graphic design firm’s design plan captures the tranquility of a cool desert night, lit only by the moon and the stars. Our full-service creative team lifted the stillness and positive energy into place with the soothing pastels to round off the brand development strategy framework we had built over time.

Sedona Elements is still one of our favorite concepts to one day make a reality. People deserve the healing and calming properties of the desert. This product would connect them to the land in a way they never thought possible.