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In the world of hair care, people are always looking for new ways to maintain those glorious manes. There’s a growing diversity of personalized haircare products, with entire lines dedicated to people of color and those who do not have “conventional” hairstyles. That said, we rarely see personalized haircare products with a product for every hair type.

As a social media agency and a boutique brand consulting agency, we’re well-aware of what’s trending right now and firmly believe that inclusive marketing practices creative a safe space and better future for humanity, in general. Overall, it was a win-win for us.

These are the many reasons our full-service creative team absolutely fell in love with the concept: Frizzy.

Frizzy is a personalized haircare products line specifically designed for all those insane manes out there who can’t find the right product to suit their natural hairstyle.

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With so many different styles out there nowadays, our full-service creative team wanted to take part in creating personalized haircare products for everyone with “unconventional” hairstyles.

This particular concept is the ultimate challenge. It had to say: “Unhinged will help you find success, no matter what the challenge!” This was just a concept, so our brand consulting agency had to more or less invent our underlying brand narrative and decide what questions needed answering to construct a comprehensive brand development strategy.

As a social media agency, we had to consider what our design would tell people who look at our aesthetic choices. How do we develop an all-inclusive brand yet keep the underlying brand narrative? As you can see, we had our work cut out for us.

The underlying brand narrative is that Frizzy is playful, inclusive, and, most importantly, approachable. These were valuable considerations for our social media agency, especially our brand development strategy.

To achieve these three principles, each bottle would be a bright color and correspond to the particular type of hair for which the oil would be best suited. Each bottle would have an animated graphic design of each hair type. These animations would keep the mood lighthearted and inclusive while maintaining each hair type’s uniqueness for personalized haircare products.

Finally, our full-service creative team developed the “playful” attitude using a modern serif font accentuating the curly ball-shaped stroke terminals.

The final result encapsulates a well-rounded brand that tells a unique brand narrative before it’s even purchased. For the bright colors, our boutique brand consulting agency used a monochromatic color scheme with three different shades and tints for the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

Our full-service creative team used the darkly shaded tertiary color to create our modern serif font for legibility purposes, with the “r” dotting the “i” in Frizzy to enhance the playfulness.

The secondary color is a heavily saturated pastel that encircles each bottle’s text and animation. This secondary color is dotted with the primary pastel to reinforce playfulness and bring cohesion to the overall design. As a social media agency, we knew this would be eye-catching on all social media channels.

Finally, the primary pastel draws attention to the caricatures on the front of the bottle, uniquely designed to represent inclusivity. Each animation encapsulates the idea that “ordinary is extraordinary,” and whichever hair oil works best for you is perfect in its own right.

To finish it off, our full-service creative team used a high-end pump bottle for our packaging design to let those “ordinary folks” know they deserve luxury too.