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What is Package Design Strategy?

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With so many new beauty brands out there, start-up cosmetics companies must go above and beyond in every aspect of their creative design to stand out in a saturated marketplace. As a brand consulting and creative agency, we help many small cosmetics companies establish a brand identity and brand development plan by implementing standard features like graphic design, social media management, and content creation.

(For more on brand strategy, check out our blog post on “What is Brand Strategy and Why Does it Matter“).

Although your company identity is built around these standard marketing services, many people forget one massive aspect of cosmetics marketing: packaging. 

Your package design strategy will lead to the first impression customers have of your product. It must be eye-catching, representative of your brand identity, functional, and cost-effective.

To understand the advantages of creative packaging and what it can do for your beauty brand, let’s review the typical packaging design types for cosmetics and beauty products. With this comprehensive view of package types, we can see the costs associated with your packaging design choices and how these choices ultimately determine your packaging costs.

Overall, this will help you determine what is best for the revolutionary product you want to bring to the cosmetics marketplace.

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Types of Packaging

There are three main types of packaging for beauty products:

1) Flexible Packaging: This type of packaging is typical for liquids and creams. It’s made of thin, flexible materials like foil and plastic film.

Pros: it’s lightweight and doesn’t break easily.

Cons: not as eco-friendly because it’s not recyclable in most cases.

2) Rigid Packaging: This packaging is what you see with powders, gels, and some liquids. It’s made of thicker materials like glass, metal, and plastic.

Pros: it can be recycled and reused.

Cons: breakable and heavier, which means it costs more to ship.

3) Hybrid Packaging: This mix of flexible and rigid packaging.

Pros: eco-friendly and lightweight.

Cons: it can be more expensive to produce.

Bonus: the future benefits of eco-friendly packaging in the world of cosmetics…

Do you know the benefits of eco-friendly packaging? Sustainable and renewable sources for eco-friendly packaging are changing the way companies consider their impact on the environment. In 2023, new packaging methods are going to make the advantages of sustainable packaging soar to new heights. Although it is more cost prohibitive, it is worth integrating into your package design strategies 2022 and beyond.

Talk to one of our creative specialists to hear more about the benefits of eco-friendly packaging in the cosmetics and personal care industry!

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Cost Associated with Package Design Types

The type of packaging you choose will affect the cost of your package design. Based on the experience of our full-service marketing firm and the research we have conducted throughout the years, prices depend on quite a few variables every cosmetics brand should consider:


– The size and shape of your package  

– The materials you use for your package

– The printing process for your package concept  

– Whether you need packaging prototyping

– The amount of time it takes to produce your package

Our full-service marketing team compiled a break down for each of these factors so you can better understand production and design costs.

Cost Factors in Packaging Design 

1) Size and Shape

This is the most influential factor in package design cost because it determines how much material is needed to create your package. The size also affects how your parcel will be shipped, which will be further explained in the printing process section.

2) Materials Used in Production

The most common package materials are glass, metal, paperboard, and plastic. Each of these materials has a different price point. For example, glass is more expensive than paperboard but less expensive than metal.

3) Printing Process 

Your package design will need to be printed on the chosen materials. The printing process will affect the overall package design cost because some operations are more expensive than others.

4) Whether You Need Packaging Prototyping

Prototyping is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of your package design. This is typically done with paperboard or plastic so you can get a feel for the package before it’s finalized.

5) How Complex is Your Concept?

The time it takes to design your package will be billable hours from your creative agency. This cost is usually determined by the packaging complexity and the number of revisions you request.

To better understand costs associated with the production process, we’ve created a price chart that breaks down the cost per hour for various packaging services.


The Conclusion from Our Full-service Marketing Team

Even though the cost is a massive motivator for any small business, it is essential to keep in mind that package design is an investment. A well-designed package will make your product more visible on the shelves and generate a higher ROI.

Investing in a full-service marketing firm will give you access to designers, copywriters, and brand strategists that will work together to create a thorough design plan that accurately reflects your brand identity and resonates with your target audience.

(Do you need a full-service creative agency? Check out our blog post on the “Pros & Cons of Digital Freelancers Vs. Full-service Marketing Firms“). 

The bottom line is this: package design is a vital part of your beauty brand identity—and it comes at a cost. But with the help of an experienced marketing team like ours, you can create a concept that will resonate with your target audience.

We hope you learned something about package design strategies 2023!

Now there’s nothing standing in your way. Give us a call!

Contact us today if you’re looking for a creative agency to help you with brand development or design concepts. We’d love to chat about how we can help you create the perfect first impression.


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